Andrew Romano


Our house is big in Japan. 

Where’s Bill Murray when you need him? 

"A Room for a Man" by Franco Albini (1936). Via Maharam

Like his fellow modernists, Albini was committed to exploiting technological innovation to enable people to enjoy the speed and convenience of modern life. Saving time was a key concern, especially when it involved eliminating domestic drudgery, and the possibility of living in a compact space where all essential facilities were easily accessible would have seemed highly desirable. Somehow, Albini succeeded in squeezing everything he considered necessary for a man living alone into little more than three hundred square feet. Progressive though he was in other respects, he does not seem to have considered that his fictitious client might wish to cook.

Sign me up. I get takeout most nights anyway. 

Anni Albers rugs by Christopher Farr. 

Produced in editions of 10 in association with The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation.