Andrew Romano

The Schlessinger House by R.M. Schindler (1952-1954). The last of his designs to be built. 

My wife and I came very close to buying this house before the renovations were completed, but we ended up here instead. 

Now, after years of careful, sensitive work by the great Eric Lamers, Schindler’s Schlessinger House has finally come to market. Every inch of wood, glass, and stucco was either restored or replaced. This is the house Schindler would have built if he hadn’t passed away right before construction began. 

Conceived in 1952 for an elevated corner lot overlooking the Shakespeare Bridge, coincidentally within view of the architect’s first work in Los Angeles: the completion of the Hollyhock House at Barnsdall Park. With Schindler’s passing in 1953 before breaking ground, this would be the site of the last home he would design.

By way of Esther McCoy’s recommendation, a young John Reed was hired to provide additional plans and oversee construction. Budgetary constraints as well as owner preferences led to several changes in the subsequent plans.

Having purchased the home from the Schlessinger estate, the current owner set about to sensitively restore and align it more closely to the original Schindler plan. With Eric Lamers overseeing the restoration, it could not have been placed in better hands. In an effort to follow what were believed to have been Schindler’s intentions for the house, every decision was painstakingly considered. A fitting tribute to a great architect’s last work, and now an incredibly moving example of his much celebrated architecture of space.

Two bedrooms, two baths, & a newly configured office/study; located in the highly desirable Franklin Hills neighborhood of Los Feliz.  

Listed by my friend Nate Cole for $1,149,000. If you’re in the LA area, definitely check it out. Even more stunning in person. 

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